Secretary's Message

He is well known for his swiftness of work. He strongly feels that the aim of the school is to develop the best that is latent in children, and to prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through the encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness. “Those having torches must pass them on to others”. The strong foundation behind the sourcing success of the school in Ankleshwar.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome our students, parents and stake holders to P.P. Savani School. We look forward to experience challenging and rewarding academics, exciting co-scholastic activities and engaging students in social events. The school should be one such happy place where students and teachers grow together and realize their potential.

The infrastructure and the teaching methodology go on evolving to keep pace with the ongoing innovation. P. P. Savani School commits to render the best of the education in the modern world to keep the student embraced with global scenario.

“While most are Dreaming of Success, Winners wake –up & work hard to achieve it.”


Shree D. K. Dobariya
Secretary, P. P. Savani School, Ankleshwar