Vaibhav Agarwal
Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
I take this opportunity to address the students and parents expressing my views and opinions about the steady and cordial growth of P. P. Savani School, Ankleshwar. Tree sheltering thousands of students with an objective of “Each One Teach Thousands One”. As it is stated by Mr. Kofi Annan, Knowledge is Power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. I feel delighted to be a part of P. P. Savani School Ankleshwar. It is my privilege to inform you that from last one decade, I have been associated with P. P. Savani Group of Schools.

As we need to know that education is the greatest journey of life where there is beginning but no end. The great journey of P. P. Savani group of Schools was started long back in 1987, by the Founder Chairman Shree Vallabhbhai Savani with 387 students only. With proud I state that, around 50,000 students are studying in Savani Group of Schools. We have produced excellent results not only in academics, JEE & NEET but also in sports.

Excellence in performance, global understanding, universal values and service to mankind are the building blocks of our educational office must to a long way exploring the child. I would like to have high expectations from our students in regards to academic performance within the classroom, participation in co-scholastic area as well as responsible citizenship at school band in the community. I am asking each student to make a commitment to have PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Daily Efforts) by being active participants in their learning and acting responsibly as an individual within our learning community. Performing excellently will enable all to have successful and enjoyable school years.

The main aim of our school is to evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at the school, give holistic development. We make more rigorous approach of learning, develop analytical skills, communication skills. We focus on,

  • Not only to get better Employment but also Empowerment
  • Making positive choices related to physical and mental wellness & surround themselves with positive people.
  • Contributing to our school community in a collaborative respectful manner.
  • Communicating with others in a respectful and meaningful way.
  • Posing questions, examine possibilities, and challenge each to find solutions.

We congratulate our students for creating “Guinness World Records” for the Tug of War held on February, 2016 in Bharuch. My belief has turned true, our batches of Std. 10 has created records in CBSE board examination by securing ‘10’ CGPA and A1 Grades, overall school result is 100%. We are excited to excel in the same way by our first XII Result 2017-2018 batch.

PPSS has become a centre for excellence in field of education within short span of its existence to meet the challenges of life and mould them into civilized and better citizens. Our school helps the students to identify their talents and develop it to the optimism. The students are exposed to the right learning environment. They are determined to serve all the students in order to make a difference and attain more for our school. WE HAVE UNIQUE CONCEPT OF “KAIZEN”. i.e. TO UPDATE & IMPROVE OURSELVES EVERYDAY.

At last but not least , “we set our own standard, strive to reach them and elevate ourselves higher, the evolving and the effort will never cease, we will keep moving forward to touch newer higher horizons.”


Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal
M.A., M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed.