Educomp smartclass is a first of its kind, teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved learning outcomes in Private Schools. Powered by India’s largest Digital Content library of curriculum-mapped, multimedia rich, 3D content; smartclass is today a market leader in this domain. The number of Educomp smartclass enabled schools grows at almost 10 schools a day.

In the last ten years over 80 million smartclass sessions have been held in schools. This has given Educomp some invaluable insights into the real challenges that teachers encounter and their ever growing expectations from the program. These insights have helped to understand the pain areas to develop a whole new school transformation system. Educomp has now flagged off, the next generation of smartclass. The smartclass Class Transformation System (or CTS) and the smartclass Digital Teaching System (or DTS) are the biggest and most innovative initiatives in the space of digital classroom content and digital classroom hardware respectively. The DTS is the world’s first fully integrated one-switch Digital Interactive Teaching system, specially designed to work in high ambient temperatures and dusty conditions prevalent in most Indian classrooms. The CTS broadens the choice of teaching tools available with the teacher beyond invaluable rich 3D Animations to bring abstract concepts to life. The arsenal of solutions now available for teachers also includes tools like ready to use MCQs, Virtual Laboratory of Simulations, Work Sheets, Mindmaps, Teaching Ideas, Real Life Applications, Topic Synopsis, Weblinks and Diagram Maker. The CTS poised as the next generation of Educomp smartclass in schools, is the revolutionary leap forward in enabling excellence in schools.