School Library

A school’s library is the centre for learning and plays a crucial role in boosting innovation, problem solving and curiosity. It acts as a facilitator for reading and knowledge that enhances the learning capability of students and teachers alike. The school library is the central point for engaging in cultural activities, reading, accessing information and deep analytical thinking. Our library always has a librarian to help students and teachers identify the books and sources of information on a particular subject. They also answer queries that are related to the materials stored here and are particular about the rules and regulations that govern this exhilarating space.

Our library is used by students from Class 3 onwards. The pre-primary to Class II students are made available books in the classes by the class teachers.

Resources at Our Library:

The library has one large resource room that can seat 45-50 persons. There is also a section which is used as a coin and stamp library and traces the history of our country via these two resources.

Our school’s library is well-equipped and rich collection of resources that include books, videos, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and periodicals. These range from general reference material to specialized information. The reference section includes encyclopaedias, linguistic and biographical dictionaries, atlases, handbooks and directories. These resources must be referred to in the library and cannot be borrowed.

The news update corner has about eight magazines and five newspapers that encourage students and teachers to keep abreast with happenings around the world. The staff members are allowed to borrow the periodicals for a week at a time while students are expected to use these in the library premises.