Encouraging a Learning Environment
We believe that a school is a social environment and contributes to the vital societal skills of each child need. Our standard model of teaching is an interactive one which focuses on a systematic and skill-based approach. The student years are crucial as they are formative and can make or break a student’s career. We believe in laying strong foundations so that our students grow into secure and responsible adults. In keeping with this philosophy, we take necessary steps at the time of admission to limit the number of seats in each classroom. This creates an atmosphere that is not only conducive to learning but is also enjoyable and welcoming for the child.

Positive Classroom Settings
Classrooms are where students spend the maximum number of school hours and we ensure that the environment of these spaces is positive and inculcates mutual respect and camaraderie. Our classrooms are at par with international standards and allow teachers to closely interact with each student. Each class is not only airy, cheerful and spacious but also replete with modular furniture, extensive display boards and large windows. The furniture and décor of each classroom facilitates teaching and learning. They have been designed by our architectural partners, who have also constructed our environmentally sustainable school building. There is space for lockers, with each child having his/her own, in which they can store their books and stationery. Our children therefore do not need to carry heavy and oversized bags to school, reducing the physical and mental strain on these young minds.